Respected Manager of Al-Ameen International Public School Adv.T.P.M.Ibrahim Khan Sir, Honourable MLA Shri.Anwar Sadath, Panchayat President Ms.Sajitha Abbas, Member Mr.Aslaf Parekkadam, Chief guest of the day Ms.Durga Vishwanath office bearers of Al-Ameen Educational Trust, PTA representatives, dear colleagues, parents and students.

Al-Ameen International School started by Al-Ameen Educational Trust in 2001 had completed 18 successful years. Built on the firm foundations of ethics and values, the school management had always given importance to the futuristic aspects of education. In the era of augmented reality and virtual reality and technology, use in Al-Ameen focuses on education beyond classroom, taking care of the process and product that can think ecologically and understand the connection between human and nature.

Thanking god almighty, in this occasion were Al-Ameen International Public School had successfully completed its 18 glorious years banning its signature in Aluva, Edathala, with great honour. I present before you the 18th Annual report of our school, Summing up efforts, transformations and achievements.

The school owned by Al-Ameen Educational Trust has a team of 52 teaching and 25 non-teaching staffs, whose dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit drives the school to achieve its aim.

The new academic year 2018-19 started on 4th June with a strength of around 900 students. We were able to achieve 100% result in Std X with 17 distinctions and 22 first classes, out of 39 appeared. In XII out of 11 students appeared our students bagged 6 distinctions and 5 first classes. XII with 92% and grade X with 96% were the school toppers.

A total of 92 students are appearing for Std X and XII board exams this year. Modular revisions and mock tests are going on for preparing the children.

Special training in the field Art, Music, Karate, Theatre, Yoga etc are also going as per the academic plan. Teachers are also constantly attending workshops to sharpen their skills to provide tailored baring experiences.

Under the leadership of our Manager Khan Sir, the man behind Al-Ameen, we had conducted many extra academic activities like environmental day celebrations, Art fest, Independence Day, class shows, Bulletin Board class magazines, Children’s day etc.

This was a year were Kerala witnessed the greatest calamity ever. The school actively participated in supporting the victims via provisions and furniture’s.

In future the literary talents of children like every year we also conducted a class magazine competition were students actively participated and brought out excellent works.

Many seminars and classes were organized for the children and parents with the whole hearted support from our PTA.